Saturday, December 1, 2007

Quick Post-Tourcoing Wrapup

Left: Line out front of Grand Mix in Tourcoing

Well it was the last gig of the Gettin' Euros tour and it went pretty well, although again, Europeans splitting surprisingly early. There was a big line down the street when we came back to the club from dinner at 9pm, and we traversed the crowd to get back inside. Zebra and I had a fun back-and-forth set to kick it off, Moule did an amazing job as always, Zebra had a kickass set with some local musician guests, and then I did a kooky set with an extended Baltimore-style mix towards the end. Unfortunately the crowd had thinned somewhat even during Zebra's set, we learned later that the local metro closes at 12:30 and with recent police crackdowns on drunk driving people are reluctant to drive home after gigs, I guess. So, definitely less people than the Paris event but still an enthusiastic crowd, and after playing Snow Police I thought I'd let the last song on the tour be one by my buds Adrian & Mysterious D, so I popped on their "Don't Stop Believin' in Planet Rock" and waved goodbye.

Thanks Europe, for the euros and everything else... more pics and stuff coming soon.

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