Monday, December 17, 2007

Good Times at French Kiss

Although I didn't play the Lil' Louis track of the same name and I totally should have done that. Anyway, French Kiss is a new Sunday night electro/b-more/indie/retro/mashup club over at the lovely Club Pink on the not-so-lovely stretch of 16th between Mission & S Van Ness, although it's gotten slightly lovelier with the addition of Bar Bambino, which looks incredibly inviting but I'm afraid I'm not that big a fan of Italian food. Too much cheese. Actually I would have tried it anyway but it closed at 10pm on Sundays and I wasn't over there in time.

So, at French Kiss, Mykill and Forever 21, the promoters and resident DJs, kindly allowed me to do a guest set there last night and it was tons of fun: I got to fully indulge my Baltimore/bassline house/freestyle/Herve/Sinden addiction and also played a bunch of my own more electro-leaning mashups including some new items. I think my playlist went something like this:

Party Ben - "Callin' Up the Pieces" (Baltimore Remix)
Party Ben - "Rocky Done Gun" (MIA vs. a bunch of stuff)
Diplo - "Shake it Out"
Amy Winehouse - "Valerie" (Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal remix)
Larry Tee ft. Princess Superstar - "Licky" (Herve Goes Low Remix)
Shannon - "Let the Music Play"
TEPR - "Minuit Jacuzzi" (Data remix)
Party Ben - "Pump Up the Beat" (Simian Mobile Disco vs. Technotronic)
Party Ben - "D.A.N.C.E. (Like a Record)" (Justice vs. Dead or Alive)
Party Ben - "Busy (Like a Hurricane)" (Crystal Method vs. Scorpions)
Bart B-More - "Killing It"
Switch - "Brick n Lace"
Herve - "Cheap Thrills"
Pimp Daddy Supreme - "Thrillershake" (Michael Jackson vs. Yin Yang Twins)
Payroll - "Daft Prayer" (Daft Punk vs. Bon Jovi)

There were a bunch of things I wanted to play but didn't get to, alas, like I can't believe I forgot to play the new "Beeper" mix. But anyway, for a Sunday night there was a really great crowd and I ran into like 4 people I knew completely randomly, i.e. they didn't know I was going to be there or vice versa. Mykill and Forever 21 are really good DJs and it's cool to meet people on the same musical tip as myself: obsessed with crazy new sounds but with a soft spot for the cheesy oldies. Although Mykill told me it was okay to play my Scorpions mix and it kind of cleared the floor. But the "Thriller" megamix at the end, boy do people love "Thriller."

Anyway, it's a great time, check it out if you're antsy on a Sunday night, and thanks to the guys and fellow guest DJ Shaun Slaughter who kicked off his set with the super duper "All Through the Night" by Escort, whose muppet-tastic video still gives me the giddy giggles. Let's watch it again, please can we?


ZippyBippy said...

I don't get it. Isn't that the actual Muppet theme song?

Dj MyKill said...

Thanks again for playing for us, glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.

We definitely want you back soon!


San Francisco Photos said...

Soudns like a a great place so have to come and check it out but you should have played French Kiss! I love that track as it's a major classic.

San Francisco Photos said...

Soudns like a a great place so have to come and check it out but you should have played French Kiss! I love that track as it's a major classic.

Anonymous said...

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