Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Au Revoir, Paris

And bye Europe... for now.

Below: Me and DJ Zebra hamming it up on top of the Arc du Triomphe

My two all-to-brief days of respite in Paris have almost come to an end, and while I'm sad to be leaving the EU, I do have to say I'm ready to see my apartment again and go get a nice burrito (and of course some f***ing antibiotics). It's been a wild ride across Europe and there's already talk of some sort of summer reprise of the tour, where I could possibly hit some of the locales I missed this time (hello, Berlin, London, Dublin, and, er, Switzerland), but for now, the Gettin' Euros Tour has been a great success as far as I'm concerned. Thanks to everybody who helped out, including Duze Pe, DJ Spox, El Barto & Liam B and the crew at Forma, Prozak and Balsam in Poland, Ashley in Prague, the Soundstation crew in Liege, Bootox, Frank, Schmolli, Morgoth and Comar in Munich (and Comar just in general), and of course Zebra and Moule in France as well as the crews at 4 Sans, Le Kleo, Elysee Montmartre and Grand Mix and the kind folks at Radical Productions. And of course thanks to everybody who came out and said "hi." We now return you to your regularly scheduled website.

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