Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm Back?

I don't know how stupid it is for me to have three different places on the internet to talk about stuff, but I guess it makes a certain amount of sense:

It's where I post my musical productions and reactions to them.

2. Mother Jones "Riff" Blog
This is where I talk about music and stuff.

3. Here
Where I talk about me, and stuff I do, in ways that are perhaps a little more random than regular old

So are we clear?


Anyway, I had kind of forgotten that this blog site even existed. I created it before our last trip to France to DJ two years ago, thinking I would update it all the time, but of course the only times I was near a computer, it turned out to be a French computer with crazy messed up letters all in the wrong places. However, coming up in less than a month (!) I'm heading to a whole variety of different countries, some of which have normal keyboards, and I'm also bringing my own laptop, which means I can type with ease, and share with random readers my pithy observations, why not.

This is kind of a test post but I'm hoping it works.

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