Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Can't Stop Going to We Be Sushi

I love sushi in all forms, and after eating lots of really good sushi all over the place I've become a bit of a sushi snob. Like, "is the uni fresh," kind of snob. So I like the pricey stuff, but I have to say that crazy-cheap standard-quality We Be Sushi is really pretty awesome, especially now in my more budget-minded lifestyle. We just went there tonight: five people, three of whom had Onigoroshi sake drinks, one of whom (ahem!) had two, and the total price was $89. Not bad.

The 16th & Valencia location is of course the better one since it's got the better appetizers and sakes, although for some reason every single time I go, they're out of hijiki. What's the deal? I mean, how hard is it to keep it on hand? And how many other people are actually ordering hijiki? It's kind of obscure, I thought. But it's totally my favorite seaweed, and every time I go there, I order it and the waitress goes "oh I think we might be out of it, let me check," and then they leave and come back and they're like "sorry!" We were there at 7:15pm, too, on a Saturday, so I don't think this is a case of a run on hijiki from seaweed-hungry customers. So, anyway, We Be: please make more hijiki, or, if my suspicions are true and you're not actually making any, please make some, or take it off the menu and stop teasing me.

The grilled shiitake mushrooms are a little rubbery too. But other than that, tasty fish goodness, plates and plates of it.

We Be Sushi - 538 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA - (415) 565-0749

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